Protecting Personal,
Civil and Consumer Rights

Williams Cuker Berezofsky’s clients are the victims of individual, corporate and governmental wrongs. The firm represents plaintiffs in complex litigation, ranging from environmental and “toxic tort” cases to medical product cases; from negligence cases to actions for false arrest or sexual harassment.

In particular, we have devoted our practice to protecting:

People who are harmed by environmental contamination, exposed to toxic chemicals at home or at work, harmed by pharmaceutical or medical products, or injured in accidents; and

People who are victimized by discrimination or harassment, denied their right to privacy, penalized for whistleblowing, or subject to police misconduct or false arrest; and

People who are deceived by consumer fraud and unfair business practices, or wronged in a managed care or HMO dispute.

At Williams Cuker Berezofsky, we are dedicated to helping our clients attain the safety, security and compensation that they deserve.

Latest News + Events

Three resident families of Paulsboro New Jersey filed a law suit in the United States District Court of New Jersey on February 10, 2014 against Solvay Specialty Polymers, LLC and related companies because they contaminate the drinking water in Paulsboro, New Jersey. The families are demanding that Solvay clean up the water, provide alternate water Read More

Recent medical studies have linked statin medications, including Lipitor, to an increased risk of Type II diabetes in women. WCB is currently evaluating such claims.

WCB recently filed suit against Bank of America on behalf of a New Jersey couple who were reported as delinquent on their mortgage while making trial payments for a loan modification.  Even though the New Jersey couple were current on their mortgage, and had made all of their loan modification trial payments exactly as directed, Read More

Largest Group of First Responders to Paulsboro Conrail Hazmat Train Derailment Seek Answers and Damages in Lawsuit

An Action News investigation has exposed Conrail’s secret settlements with some residents affected by last November’s chemical spill in Paulsboro, N.J.

WCB is handling cases involving the recalled Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG Modular Hip Replacement Implants.  Defective devices can cause serious side effects, including pain, swelling, reduced mobility, tissue damage, metallosis, and may result in revision surgery.

Williams Cuker Berezofsky and the Cedar Law Firm to represent the residents of Paulsboro New Jersey in a lawsuit against Conrail and CSX for damages resulting from the vinyl chloride spill that happened during the train derailment on November 30, 2012.

Tax lien sales in New Jersey have been rigged for years due to a price fixing conspiracy, forcing distressed homeowners to pay exorbitant interest.

About the Firm

Williams Cuker Berezofsky has been committed to protecting the personal, civil and consumer rights of individuals since 1985. With offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we represent clients both locally and nationally. Our team of attorneys and staff consists of people of diverse backgrounds and experience — all of whom are dedicated to championing the rights of our clients.

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