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Environmental Toxic Tort

Over the last twenty-five years, Williams Cuker Berezofsky has been in the forefront of litigating cases on behalf of people exposed to toxic chemicals as a result of the negligence of others. Toxic exposure occurs in many ways, including chemical spills, discharges from landfills, leaking underground tanks, and pollution from industrial facilities.

Often, the groundwater is tainted with toxins from these sources, contaminating domestic drinking water wells with detectable levels of potentially disease-causing chemicals and other substances. This underground pollution can also result in vapor intrusion, allowing invisible, toxic gases to penetrate the living areas of nearby homes. Similarly, years of careless industrial practices frequently lead to soil and air contamination, subjecting nearby residents to exposure to highly toxic materials.

Toxins frequently seen in modern environmental cases include trichloroethylene [TCE], perchloroethylene [PCE], benzene, lead, arsenic, cadmium, vinyl chloride, and gasoline and its constituents, including the additive MTBE. The presence of these materials and others can cause damages to property, including a loss of property values and extensive costs of repair. Exposure to the toxins can also lead to a number of serious illnesses, including developmental disabilities and cancer, some of which will not appear until years in the future.

Williams Cuker Berezofsky’s successful experience in representing the victims of toxic torts is reflected in some of the firm’s most significant cases, which have achieved significant financial recoveries and fashioned important new remedies in toxic tort litigation.

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