Alan H. Sklarsky

Alan Sklarsky


New Jersey
Third Circuit Court of Appeals
U.S. Supreme Court


"The Presumption of Adequacy Arising From FDA-Approved Labels", Product Liability & Toxic Tort Law Section Newsletter, February 2009, Vol. 11, No. 1


American Association of Justice
Toxic Environmental & Pharmaceutical Section of the American Association of Justice
New Jersey State Bar Association
Environmental Law Section
Product Liability and Toxic Tort Section of New Jersey State Bar Association
Camden County Bar Association


Rutgers School of Law, Camden, N.J. (1978)



The practice of law is a like a tennis match. The game is very competitive and takes strategy, patience, and a willingness to play to the finish no matter what the obstacles may be. 

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Alan H. Sklarsky



P: 215.557.0099
F: 215.557.0673


Mass Tort
Pharmaceutical & Medical Device
Product Liability
Environmental Litigation
Workplace Toxic Exposure
Alcoholic Beverage/Liquor License Liability (Dram Shop)
Personal Injury & Premises Liability
Commercial & Business Litigation



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Alan Sklarsky has more than 27 years experience in complex environmental, product liability, toxic tort and pharmaceutical litigation. He has handled numerous high-profile groundwater contamination cases, some of which have set national precedents, including one against Exxon regarding contamination emanating from company branded stations. He represents employees working with or around industrial chemicals like benzene, tetrachloroethylene (also known as perchloroethylene, or perc), vinyl chloride and others.

 Environmental toxic dangers are routinely downplayed by the authorities or the perpetrating source so communities need to be concerned even skeptical about what theyre told. And they need an advocate.

Mr. Sklarsky’s lawsuit settlements have recovered extensive environmental clean up costs, often from third parties, and negotiated environmental insurance coverage issues and governmental regulatory matters. He has successfully litigated on behalf of victims of toxic chemical exposures, defectively designed machinery and unsafe pharmaceutical products.

 “The challenge in these cases lies in the science. It can be difficult to tie the disease process to a specific chemical or environmental condition. 

  • You have to look at all existing or comparable studies – does it cause cancer in animals? Is there a pattern among human cancer patients?
  • You have to bring in the experts – the oncologists, the epidemiologists.
  • If you can find a basis for making the connection, you can move forward.” 


The Presumption of Adequacy Arising From FDA-Approved Labels“, Product Liability & Toxic Tort Law Section Newsletter, Vol. 11, No. 1 (2009)