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Commercial & Business Litigation Lawyers in Pennsylvania

commercial-litigation-1Small to medium-sized businesses are the bulwark of our nation’s economy. The folks who start and run these companies are our entrepreneurs and risk-takers – and they account for 52% of the nation’s jobs, and about 75% of all new jobs. They work hard. But when others don’t play fair, they need a little help.

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Williams Cuker Berezofsky represents small and medium-sized businesses in a wide variety of commercial litigation, including disputes arising out of franchise agreements, exclusive dealerships and non-compete covenants. We have brought claims ranging from ‘interference with business relationships’ to ‘breach of good faith and fair dealing’ to laws that apply consumer protection acts to the rights of small business owners.

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“We are proud of our track record on behalf of small businesses up against the big guys. And part of what I believe improves our odds is the thoroughness with which we do our homework. In recent litigation representing independent pharmacies against a consortium of large pharmacy benefits managers, I spent a year learning the pharmacy business, meeting with pharmacists, and even spent half a day working behind a retail pharmacy counter.”

-Mark Cuker