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Consumer Protection & Class Action Lawyers in Pennsylvania

For decades, Williams Cuker Berezofsky has been at the forefront of consumer rights litigation in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and across the country.  The firm has faced off against some of the nation’s biggest and most sophisticated and devious financial institutions to vindicate the rights of our clients under federal and state consumer protection laws and obtain compensation and redress for the defendants’ systemic violations of these rights.



In re: Wachovia Corp. “Pick-A-Payment” Mortgage Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation, Ralston v. Mortgage Investors Grp., Inc., Monaco v. Bear Stearns Resid. Mortg. Corp., Peel v. BrooksAmerica Mortg. Corp., and other cases, we helped to obtain class action settlements that recovered hundreds of millions of dollars paid by the nation’s biggest banks to homeowners and borrowers who entered into predatory and deceptive Option Adjustable Rate Mortgage (“Option ARM”) loans that were designed to strip them of the equity in their homes.


Our firm won application of Retail Installment Sales Act protections and a strict usury limit (maximum legal interest rate) on interest charged by sellers in “rent-to-own” sales of household goods made largely to lower-income consumers in New Jersey in Perez v. Rent-A-Center, Inc., and obtained a class action settlement fund of $109,000,000 for these consumers.


In Muhammad v. County Bank of Rehoboth Beach, Del. and Thibodeau v. Comcast Corp., we won the first appeals court decisions in New Jersey and Pennsylvania holding that a payday lender and a cable television service giant could not enforce form-contract clauses that strip consumers of the right to bring or participate in a class action.  These and many other types of businesses have used these “no class action” contracts to insulate themselves from liability for the small-value rip-offs that consumers routinely face.


We also won recognition of homebuyers’ right to be informed of the proximity of a landfill to the homes they were buying before the New Jersey Supreme Court in Strawn v. Canuso, and have successfully represented consumers in other class action and individual litigation against mortgage lenders, credit card issuers, cell phone companies, and other businesses that have violated applicable consumer protection laws.


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“We do a lot of class actions and mass torts.  They are an important way to help people who would not otherwise be entitled to relief.” 
-Esther Berezofsky