Dram Shop

Pennsylvania Dram Shop Litigation Lawyers

dram-shop-1Dram shop litigation holds taverns, liquor stores or other commercial establishments that sell alcoholic beverages responsible for alcohol-related vehicle accidents which occur after they serve alcohol to visibly intoxicated persons or minors.

These laws are intended to protect the general public from hazards such as drunk driving, and to protect the health and safety of minors. In some states the liability can extend to social hosts as well as commercial establishments, and minors can sue a drinking establishment for self-sustained injuries while intoxicated.

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“In order to establish liability you must prove the defendant was visibly intoxicated. This includes ‘relating backward’ through the incident and evaluating blood alcohol levels per body mass and the times and places documented on the arrest report in addition to other evidence. This may involve spending a lot of time at the criminal justice center, talking to the police.” 

-Beth Cole