Fresno, California: Lead and Other Toxic Metals Contaminate Water

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Fresno, California Lead Water Contamination

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If you’re a resident of Fresno, California you may be experiencing discolored water, or have heard of the lead contamination affecting residents.

The environmental and toxic tort lawyers of Williams Cuker Berezofsky have filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of families. If you would like more information or would like to take part in the class, call us at 856-667-0500 or contact us online.

Attorney Esther Berezofsky is the lead attorney for our firm in the class action filing. She has been interviewed by media about the contamination, see this The Fresno Bee article, Northeast Fresno residents sue city over water problems.

Here is part of the class action complaint:


To view the WCB news release about the filing, click here or this image.


We understand what it’s like to worry about the safety of your water source.

Our firm has worked with families and cities on environmental litigation for more than thirty years, including the citizens of Flint, Michigan and those in Hoosick Falls and other upstate New York and Vermont towns affected by industrial contamination. Our successes are well documented on this site, and our reputation is known nationally.

The first WCB lead case, in 1984, involved children who were poisoned by the metal in the soil where they lived. We found the ground they walked on and played in consisted of 28% lead.  Even small amounts of lead can cause serious long term health problems and children are especially vulnerable.

Since then, we have become nationally renowned for representing victims of precedent-setting environmental hazard cases.

WCB is partnering in this matter with two California firms, Boucher LLP and Owen, Patterson & Owen.

Contact us to learn your legal options. We’re available to answer your questions at 856-667-0500 or tell us about your situation via this confidential inquiry form.

Read our blog posts “Lead in water is a nationwide problem” and “Lead poisoning is still with us.”

View this video about our environmental work:


This video is about our representation of families in Flint, Michigan affected by lead and upstate New York and Vermont towns affected with the chemical PFOA from manufacturing plants:

toms-river-book2WCB attorneys have won landmark toxic tort cases that resulted not only in significant financial recoveries for our clients, but have established important legal precedents that have benefited individuals and communities across the country.

One of our well-known and most successful environmental cases made the national and international news.

Toms River, New Jersey was a case where we achieved a resolution that helped many families live their lives safely, provide for their medical care, receive ongoing health monitoring and be awarded compensation. News reports lauded the town’s fight and our collaborative success.

Industrial pollution had been suspected in the Toms River contamination- pollution that had occurred for years.

Read more about our representing Toms River families in the Pulitzer prize-winning book “Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation” by Dan Fagin.  The residents of Toms River worked very closely with us and we stay in touch with them to this day.


Five-Star Rating *****

“The families affected by contamination in Toms River, New Jersey were represented by the law firm of Williams Cuker Berezofsky against three major companies.

I give them a 5-star rating for many reasons. The most important was their commitment to doing what was best for the children and their families. Thorough, professional, caring and dedicated through the whole process, they continue to lend their support and interest in the well-being of our community long after the case settled. This again assures one of their integrity and motivation.”

– Linda Gillick, mother of Michael and Chair, CACCCC and member of TEACH



Watch video about the Toms River water contamination case:

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