We found Jerry Williams and Beth Cole following an exhaustive search for legal representation upon falling victim to a negligent home heating oil spill at our home in Bucks County.

Upon taking our case, Jerry got to know our family and very patiently educated us about the law and our rights. With skill and care, WCB navigated our family through one of the most uncertain, fearful and emotional periods of our lives involving harm to our home and risks to our health and financial future.

As a result of our experience with Jerry and Beth, we have been inspired to pledge our time to potential clients of WCB by serving as a reference for WCB and advocating for WBC clients who have been the victim of a negligent home heating oil spill by sharing our experiences with them directly.

Thank you Jerry, Beth and their assistant Rashida!

John & Tracey Morozin


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Four years ago I lost my daughter. I wasn’t sure where to turn to find a solution to the issues surrounding her untimely death.

I was introduced to Beth Cole and Jerry Williams. They are the most efficient, thorough, thoughtful, engaged and focused professionals I have ever met.

Due to their expertise and persistence the issues resolved in such a way that future students in crisis have a chance for a positive outcome. This team has heart. Beth and Jerry have earned my gratitude and trust.

Mary Ellen Womack


I am writing this letter to thank you for an incredible representation.

The resolution of my auto accident was a stressful situation but you were always there for me. You are a gift to all who find themselves in need of guidance and support.

You fought extremely hard for me and I am very pleased with the outcome. I was able to receive a satisfactory cash sum without having to go through the time, effort, and cost of a trial. Your professional services were excellent. I really felt supported by your work, your presence and understanding during the entire process. Your, effort, compassion and knowledge of the law, and of people’s feelings were very much appreciated. I will be proud to recommend your outstanding legal services.

I wish you success in all you do. Your clients are fortunate to have you as their advocate as I did.

You’re a very special lady!!

April Sartin

star-icon 5-STAR RATING

The families affected by water contamination in Toms River, New Jersey were represented by the law firm of Williams Cuker Berezofsky against three major companies.

I give the attorneys a 5-star rating for many reasons. The most important was their commitment to doing what was best for the children and their families and not for them.

The lawyers were thorough, professional, caring and dedicated through the whole process and continue to lend their support and interest in the well being of our community long after the case has been settled. This again assures one of their integrity and motivation.

Linda Gillick
Chairwoman CACCCC and member of T.E.A.C.H.


I have known Mark Cuker and Ester Berezofsky for many years. They are caring, dedicated, and experienced attorneys who are committed to their work. They were a tremendous asset in the Toms River Cancer Cluster case in which they represented the group called T.E.A.C.H. (Toxic Environment Affects Children’s Health).

Mark serves on the Board of Directors for T.E.A.C.H. as a committed and valuable volunteer. I consider Mark a friend.

The firm’s office staff are friendly and competent. I would recommend anyone seeking professional attorneys to seriously consider Williams Cuker Berezofsky.

Bruce Anderson
Executive Director of T.E.A.C.H.