Unfair Debt Collection & Credit Reporting

Pennsylvania Debt Protection Lawyers

Unfair Debt Collection & Credit Reporting

Past due notice

Every day, people throughout the country face harassing and deceptive debt-collection practices.  Whether it is an intimidating telephone call, a collection letter threatening to take legal action, or a collection lawsuit based on little or no account evidence, debt collectors routinely violate the rights of consumers under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and state consumer protection laws.

The lawyers at Williams Cuker Berezofsky use these laws to obtain redress and compensation for violations of our clients’ rights.

Contact us if you have been subjected to these or other harassing debt-collection practices.

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Credit Reporting

There’s a good chance your credit report has a mistake on it.  A few years ago a government study found there were upwards of 40 million mistakes on the credit reports of American consumers.
Williams Cuker Berezofsky regularly uses the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act as a powerful tool to vindicate our clients’ right to an accurate credit report.  We can help you identify credit report errors, dispute them with the major credit bureaus, and pursue litigation if the errors aren’t fixed and continue to cause you harm.

Contact the Pennsylvania Debt Protection Lawyers at Williams Cuker Berezofsky if credit reporting errors are affecting your ability to secure a loan or are causing you emotional distress or hardship. For a no cost consultation call 215-557-0099 or 856-667-0500. We represent clients in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the country.